What is Fusion Excel?

Fusion Excel is a natural wellness company established in 2005 to enrich the lives of its customers worldwide. The company’s mission is to bring better Health, Wealth and more Happiness to people worldwide!


Improve chronic fatigue conditions

Improves balance and flexibility

Natural energy healing

Reduces inflammation, arthritis, body aches and joint pains

Reduce negative effects of EMF/EMR radiation

Promotes unclamping of cells

Enhances circulation

Enhances immune, detoxification and endocrine systems

Improves 'chi' energy concentration

Helps to retard the aging process

Increases focus and concentration

Renews and revitalizes

Strengthens body’s bio-field, preventing electro-magnetic

Enhances cellular permeability and detoxification

Increases energy

Improves stamina

Improves body biofield

Our Products

Fusion Excel Products

Fusion Excel’s revolutionary Scalar Energy Technology and products is the world leader in addressing electro-pollution, a growing concern in the 21st century as our society becomes more and more connected with all the high tech gadgetry. Repeated and prolonged exposure to these aggressive electromagnetic field (EMF) or electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by electronic tech-gadgets (wired or wireless) and electrical household appliances causes a measurable stress response and negative shift in the body’s key energetic system such as the bio-electric field, As a result, the human body may experience various health concerns such as fatigue and hyper-tension. Fusion Excel Scalar Energy Quantum Products help protect us from a majority of the EMF or EMR and help us maintain our health and our sense of well-being.

FusionExcel’s Quantum products are non-magnetic, not electrical and require no maintenance. Unlike magnetic bands, the Quantum Energy Pendant is safe for users with pacemakers. They emit a scalar energy field, they are inert, and are not radioactive.

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Gregoire Akcelrod is one of France's most recognizable people. We met Gregoire through our Fusionexcel website. Greg was so impressed with the pendant he received back in 2008 that he was looking to purchase more for his family & friends. So, we met up with Gregoire one afternoon at the end of March 2011 and exchanged stories. We introduced the Fusionexcel company, it’s history, its successes to Gregoire whilst he filled us in on his very exciting lifestyle. That was when we learned that Gregoire was a multi-faceted individual, with many talents. Gregoire has played professionally in various top football clubs. He played striker for clubs in Paris, France and Cardiff, Wales, before agreeing to move to North America. Through his achievement in the world of sport he is a role model for many young people. He is also a part-time model in many advertising campaigns and actor back home in France. The first time I was introduced to FusionExcel products was back in 2008 when I was invited to Brunei to play an exhibition game. At the end of the game, the local officials presented me with a Quantum Pendant that was going to change my life. Since wearing this pendant, I have noticed a significant decrease in joint discomfort and inflammation and also reduced recovery time between the dynamic training sessions that is required for my sport. I would recommend this product to anyone who cares about his health and if you are looking for that extra edge over another world class athlete or interested in pursuing an active lifestyle, this is the product for you. - Gregoire Akcelrod - Toronto, Ontario

I just want to let you know that this pendant has changed my life positively and I'm glad and thankful I came across this pendant. It has balanced my energy level and I noticed a big difference. It has not cured my inner ear infection but it has helped me so much that it drastically reduces the symptoms from my ear infection. I am much more focus. I'm glad that this has positively impact my way of living.

What I found is that :

  • * I can think very calm
  • * Helps alot in organize thinking
  • * Clears ringing noise due to inner ear infection
  • * Improves my balance 100% or more
  • * I can drink beer without getting nausea from my ear infection
  • * It drastically improves my focus and concentration at work and at everything else I do
  • * I'm able to wake up fresh with energy in the mornings 
  • * Due to having fresh energy in the mornings I was able to wake at 5 a.m. every day!
  • * I never once wake that early for work but now I can because I am full of energy!!!
  • * My coffee intake has reduced from 2-3 cups to 0-1 cup of small coffee

  • Alfred Sarmiento - Ajax, Ontario, Canada

    Sorry for the long delay in getting back. I was waiting for the Quantum Pendant to turn me loose, and indeed, the first night I slept like a baby. My wife was able to climb the stairs with ease. I'll never trust Voodoo again or African witchcraft which has been playing tricks on me for years, this time no bull shit. Quantum Pendant is new kid in town. Now I am able to fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee. Thank you very much for the energy you have given me. My wife now calls me "Mister Dynamite". Franklin Nimmo - London, UK

    I contacted someone online who was selling pendants and bracelets that looked identical to Fusionexcel's. I was told they were from the same manufacturer and even came with an authenticity card but were much less in price then any MLM company. I ordered one and used it for a week with mixed results. I started to "feel" strange, for lack of a better word, and it seemed to increase my tinnitus (ringing in the ears). I sent it back for a refund.  I then ordered a three pack of pendants from Patrick and immediately noticed a more smooth and steady energy. After wearing it for a week I can feel a increased sense of well being and various aches and pains in my joints are all but gone. I finally found  a product that works and a company with high integrity. Philip Sprague - Ashland, OR, USA

    I certainly appreciate the information and explanation of the FusionExcel Quantum Pendant by Patrick. I found out boxer Manny Pacquiao (WBO welterweight champion) uses the FusionExcel Quantum Pendant. I had the Quantum Pendant a few days ago.I am a Physical Education teacher and I enjoy weight training and bodybuilding. I am now able to lift extra 30 lbs on bench press and 20 lbs biceps curls, regular curls 70 lbs. I am experiencinggood relief from my left knee stiffness and pain. I have had 10 acupuncture treatments on the left knee with fair results. I can certainly perform Leg Extensions 5,6 sets. I also notice better circulationand calmness. The Canadian Football Player, Andre Jones recognition of this pendant, is like Amex "never leave home without it". I energize my water for 15-30 minutes before drinking it. If Grandmaster Augustin Ngu (see below) train with it, I certainly will daily. I must say I am a true believer of this Technology. Norman Alexander Jr - Milwaukee, WI, USA

    Hello, my name is Andre Jones, former Canadian football league playing for the Saskatchewan Roughriders for three years and the BC Lions for four more years, winning the Gray Cup in 1985. I was introduced to FusionExcel's Quantum Pendant about a month ago. After playing in the CFL for seven years. I've noticed my body beginning to take some changes as the years went by, I began feeling stiffness in my fingers and pain in my left shoulder and elbow. Prior to being introduced to the quantum pendant, I have always been very "skeptical" of anything that didn't involve medication. I honestly thought medication was the answer to all pain and health until I met a friend of mine, Diane Regan who owns Triangle Healing Products in Victoria, BC. She introduced me to the FusionExcel's Quantum Pendant. One day I went into her store and told her of my health issues. She responded by saying "put this around your neck and have a couple glasses of this energized water" and after about 10 to 15 minutes I noticed the pain in my finger begin to decrease. The pain in my shoulder & elbow that had been bothering me also decreased almost to none. At that point I was amazed I thought it was some kind of trick or magic. I didn't know how this pendant & drinking water worked so fast but it did. Also after wearing the pendant for about 12 hours I felt more energized, extra power, a calmness feeling, less stress overall, a whole body calmness and alertness. I was definitely impressed. I would definitely recommend the Quantum Pendant to anyone suffering from pain of any kind or health issues.I'm a true believer now. Thank you, Diane Regan and FusionExcel's Quantum Pendant. Andre Jones - Seattle, Washington, USA

    I'm a 25 year old student. I train every day in the gym and work full time dealing with the public at a Toronto attraction. I thought it to be some what of a risk to purchase the pendant, although I believe in energy healing and figured its worth the risk. After wearing the pendant 24 hrs I noticed an overall calm feeling, being alot less irritated by people, being very alert, and seeming to have a flow of constant energy. My workouts have been less challenging when they should have been harder as I increased the weights. The energized water seems to give me extra power and a boost with everything. My golf game was amazing, I haven't been out in over a month, yet I had my best game all year by far. More contentration I guess, way more relaxed, everything just seemed to go better than expected. I really feel the difference with my day to day duties, escpecially at work, as I deal with hundreds of people and transactions a day, which usually drains me of everything I have as most people are energy suckers. After work I have the energy to go straight to the gym when usually I need an hour or two nap to regenerate. Its hard to believe to be honest :) I'm definitely going to grab the Quantum Flask in the next couple of months. Aaron Doyle - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Condition Before FE Quantum Pendant: Digestive Problem - Inpatient at Citrus Valley Medical Center every 2 months. Sciatica, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Overused Syndrome on both wrist and hands. Lumbar Spine - L3 - 4 Mild Narrowing of Neural Poramina Bilateral. L4-L5 and L5-S1 - 3 to 4 mm Disc Protrusion Cervical Spine - from C-3 to C7 - Disc bulging Condition After FE Quantum Pendant: I haven't been to my Gastroentorologist since April, 2009 when I started wearing the pendant. I haven't been taking my Anti-Inflammatory (Celebrex) pills, no more pain pills. I just went thru my second HEALING CRISIS few weeks ago which lasted 2 weeks. I woke up and felt that an elephant step on my whole body. I was in pain, headaches, light headed, very tired and itchy all over - but didn't go to my doctors. I went back to my anti-inflammatory pills (but was just taking 1 pill a day instead of 2 pills a day). I was determine not to give up because I realized that this is part of HEALING CRISIS. I got over it a few days ago. I am still not 100 Percent but doing well. I am very thankful to my brother who sent me this pendant last April, at the time that if I ever became inpatient in the hospital, my Surgeon was going to open me up for exploratory surgery.  Now, I realize that the reason for my digestive problem was my system was not digesting what I was eating. I will be fine - then, I will just start throwing up and won't stop till I go to the hospital. The food that I was throwing up seem to be - what I ate for the past 2 weeks that were not digested. My stomach will get bigger and bloated. I BELIEVE IN THE PENDANT - IT WORKS ON THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM - NOT JUST THE SYMPTOMS Fely Mcintosh - West Covina, California, USA - Retired

    Condition Before FE Quantum Pendant: Dry skin, Backache, Low energy Condition After FE Quantum Pendant: I was introduced to the Quantum Pendant in June 2008. Though I was sceptical at first, I must admit that the extra energy I felt in my body was amazing and I could not deny that scalar energy offered some promising possibilities. I kept researching the subject. I am aware of the Placebo Effect so I kept an open mind and tried to ignore that I was wearing the pendant. Within 2 months, I realized the following: when I expected to be exhausted, I had an unusual reserve of energy. My skin was smoother; I had greater flexibility and was free of the backache that dogged me on the job. My girls are young adults and love the energy from the pendant. My boy has mild Down Syndrome and has shown incredible improvement in his reading and concentration.  Thanks to my friends Patrick and Bee for showing us the Pendant!! Steve Rajkumar - Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


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